Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

Workplace Safety Consultation Services

The information you provide will help Minnesota Workplace Safety Consultation improve its safety services for our state's workplaces. Your responses are anonymous and will be used by the Department for program evaluation purposes only.
1. What was the month and year of your Workplace Safety Consultation visit?
2. What industry type best fits your organization?
Health Care
Trade, Transportation, Utilities
Public Sector (except health care)
3. What is your workplace safety responsibility?
Safety officer
Safety committee member
4. How would you rate your organization's safety system and programs?
5. How did you first learn about Workplace Safety Consultation services?
Business acquaintance
Trade association or conference
6. What was the primary reason you asked for a consultation?
Reduce injury and illness costs
Your organization is in a high-hazard industry
Prevent future injuries
Safety grant
Safety committee organization or training
Assess safety management effectiveness
7. What type of consultation visit did you receive?
8. Was the Consultant knowledgable about your industry and the processes you use?
9. Did the Consultant identify hazards that affect employee safety or health?
Not applicable
10. In your opinion, as a result of the consultation services provided, has your workplace become safer for your employees?
No safer
Small safety improvements to the workplace
Moderate safety improvements to the workplace
Much safer
11. Did the safety consultation process and results meet your needs and expectations?
12. The length of time from your consultation request to when the consultation took place was:
13. The length of time from your consultation visit to receipt of the consultation report was:
14. What other services could Workplace Safety Consultation provide for your workplace? Select one or more items.
Workplace safety and/or health training
Evaluate safety equipment or processes
Ergonomics evaluation
Safety committee organization and effectiveness
OSHA recordkeeping training
Safety grant equipment purchases or training
Workplace violence prevention assessment or training
15. Please provide any additional comments about your experience with Workplace Safety Consultation.

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